Xai partners with Sequence on Web3 tools for game devs

The Xai Foundation, the core contributor to the gaming-centric blockchain network, Xai, has partnered with Sequence on tools for Web3 game devs.

Xai Builder is a comprehensive Web3 development platform powered by Sequence technology. Xai Builder provides a unified development environment that simplifies game creation on Xai, supporting a variety of game engines like Unreal and Unity, and enables developers to quickly deliver high-quality gaming experiences across multiple devices.

“With Xai Builder and our partnership with Xai, game developers have everything they need: the world’s leading web3 games development platform and the world’s leading triple-A chain and go-to-market support. We’re excited to power the future of gaming with Xai’s game partners, from the largest triple-A web2 game publishers to incredible web3 native studios,” Sam Barberie, head of strategy and partnerships at Sequence, in a statement.

“Several of our gaming partners have already begun leveraging Xai Builder to deploy their games to Xai. With our recently announced strategic partnership with MIX Games, We expect Xai Builder to help onboard hundreds of MIX’s titles to Xai over the next year, establishing Xai as the leading web3 gaming network,” said Tobias Batton, CEO of Ex Populus and core contributor to Xai, in a statement.

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Developers using Xai Builder gain access to a feature set including smart wallet solutions to streamline in-game economies and marketplaces to trade in-game assets. They can also get easy-to-launch collections for developers and creators, debit and credit card payments, an indexer for visualizing in-game items, gas sponsorship to eliminate gas fees for players, game analytics, and game engine SDKs for Unity, Unreal Engine, mobile and web.

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