Wisconsin Maps Part Two: This Time It's Congressional

Last month, the Elias Law Firm filed a motion with the Wisconsin Supreme Court (SCOWIS) asking them to reconsider the state’s congressional districting maps. They contend that since SCOWIS had ordered new maps for legislative districts which did not adhere to the baseless “least change” requirements that the previous SCOWIS put into place, it only followed that the congressional maps be reconsidered as well.

On Monday, the same day that he signed the new legislative maps into law, Evers urged SCOWIS to take up Elias’s motion:

“Given that the maps the Governor submitted in Johnson were grounded in that ‘least change’ approach, the Governor urges the Court to review its decision and stands ready to participate in any future proceedings the Court may order,” Wisconsin Assistant Attorney General Anthony D. Russomanno wrote in a letter to the state Supreme Court clerk on Monday.

On Wednesday, Evers again pushed for SCOWIS to take up the matter, but he did so openly on Xitter:

Naturally, the six congressional Republicans from the state as well as those on the state level are having major hissy fits over this, each one more ridiculous than the last.

They have renewed their calls for Justice Janet Protasiewicz to recuse herself. This is unlikely since she didn’t for the legislative maps and the Republicans didn’t force the issue.

Then the Republicans pointed out that Evers is pushing for his own maps to be rejected, while ignoring the fact that the previous maps were filed under the “least change” order, which is no longer in effect.

But the most absurd argument that the Republicans have come up with to date is that the same donors had donated to the Protasiewicz campaign have also given money to the Elias Law Firm, and somehow that proves that the Justice and the law firm are somehow in cahoots in this outrageous power grab by the Democrats.

All righty then!

It is so very telling that the entire Republican Party is so scared of democracy that they try to connote it to mean tyranny. On the other hand, everyone knows that when people are allowed to vote, Republicans lose.

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