When Sharon Osbourne passed out, cameras kept rolling. Now it's part of her son's reality show

When Sharon Osbourne fell unconscious for 20 minutes on the set of her son’s extraterrestrial and supernatural series in December, the cameras kept rolling.

Now footage of the health scare is included in the upcoming season of the reality show “Jack Osbourne’s Night of Terror,” according to a trailer obtained exclusively by ET.

During the Travel Channel show’s trailer, Jack Osbourne, the youngest child of Sharon and rocker Ozzy Osbourne, says in a voice-over narration that during the upcoming season he would be bringing his mother “to a stately inn that hides a dark history of death.” Images flash showing Sharon Osbourne sitting at a table in a dark room with a sleep mask over her eyes.

At the end of the trailer, Sharon Osbourne’s head falls back and her arms drop to her sides while she’s still seated at the table. “Mom!,” Jack Osbourne can be heard yelling as he rushes into the room, ordering the crew to turn the lights on. As dramatic music swells over the scene, he lays her on the floor as she remains unconscious with her eyes open. “We need an ambulance now,” her son says. “I’m just trying to keep her airways open.”

Shortly after the shoot, TMZ reported that the 70-year-old entertainer had experienced a health scare while filming at the Glen Tavern Inn in Santa Paula. Emergency medical services transported Osbourne to Santa Paula Hospital.

The Osbourne family has yet to release a medical explanation for her health scare. Jack Obsourne has said he would “leave it to her to share about when she is ready.” Sharon Osbourne has claimed that even doctors could not diagnose why she fainted.

When Mrs. O returned to her British show, “The Talk,” co-panelist JJ Anisiobi asked if she could shed some light on the fainting incident, but Osbourne said, “I wish I could, but I can’t.

“It was the weirdest thing,” she continued. “I was doing some filming, and suddenly they tell me that I [passed out] for 20 minutes. … I went to one hospital. They took me to another hospital, and I did every test over two days, and nobody knows why” it happened.

In 2015, Osbourne collapsed at her Los Angeles home due to “mental and physical fatigue” and “extreme exhaustion” after a demanding schedule of shooting and appearances in New York and Toronto, according to E!. The incident prompted her to take a break from CBS’ “The Talk,” where she was a panelist until her high-profile firing in 2021.

Several months before that collapse, Osbourne took a two-month hiatus from the show to undergo a hernia surgery and later contracted pneumonia. Her daughter, Kelly Osbourne, filled in for her on “The Talk.”

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