'What Does Woke Mean?' GOP Rep Pinned During Culture War Rant

Fox News host Arthel Neville put Rep. Jodey Arrington (R-TX) on the spot after he vowed to fight “woke” policies in the government.

During a Sunday interview on Fox News, Arrington suggested a culture war was underway.

“We have got to rein in this woke weaponized bureaucracy,” he said. “There is an overreach, there is a polarization, there is corruption, and we have got to hold this administration accountable through this power of the purse.”

“So, I’m sorry, Congressman, what does woke mean?” Neville interrupted.

“Well, woke means, in this case in particular, politicizing sexuality, politicizing race, which is divisive for our country,” Arrington replied. “It’s dividing and detracting the interest of our military so that they are one big laboratory of social invention instead of focusing their efforts on being trying to fight and win wars.”

The Fox News host cut the congressman off.

“Wait a minute. Excuse me,” she remarked. “Do you think the military is simply concerned about their social agenda, if you will, as opposed to defending our country? Is that what you’re saying about the military?”

“You better believe it,” Arrington insisted. They are absolutely distracted at best, if not divided within the Pentagon because of all these leftist ideological programs that have no business in our national defense and in our military.

Neville reminded the congressman that he had a responsibility to the American people.

“I’m not saying that, you know, the American people are not on your side in terms of getting some of these things ironed out,” she noted. “I just think that American people are, you know, wanting Congress to get their jobs done and, again, separate some of the personal from the politics.”

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