What Does Kevin McCarthy's Outgoing Message Sound Like?

USA Today columnist Rex Huppke imagined what Kevin McCarthy’s new outgoing voicemail would sound like after launching his desperate, cretinous impeachment inquiry of President Biden. And it is HILARIOUS. So the Blue Amp channel recorded his brilliant parody, added a few images, a little music, and voila, here it is. Enjoy!

This satire ingeniously uses Republicans’ own words to show they have no evidence of wrongdoing by President Biden. It makes clear that this is all a scam meant to cover for Donald Trump and the 91 felony counts looming over him for fraud and corruption. And how this is all Republicans have to offer, since they have no plans to actually help Americans with…well, anything.

Even more, the video takes down the stupidest fight in America right now, between Reps Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene over which of these human garbage cans should get credit for this insane impeachment idea.

It’s two minutes of right-wing takedown you won’t want to miss. Then go subscribe to Blue Amp Channel–and support a real liberal-media alternative to the toxic stew of cable outrage and online disinformation.

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