'Well, Sh*t, Man': Christie Rips DeSantis Over Jan. 6 Question

There are reasons that some of us aren’t former NJ Governor Chris Christie stans, even as he rips into Donald Trump daily. It’s because he’s part of the reason that Trump became President. After Trump defeated Christie, the former New Jersey Governor helped run Trump’s debate prep. There are many other reasons, too, but we’ll put that aside to revel in his rapid-fire takedowns.

Christie told a crowd in Florida about DeSantis’ response after a high school student asked about his thoughts on the Jan. 6th riot and the former President’s lies that directly led to it.

Do you believe that Trump violated the peaceful transfer of power – a key principle of American democracy that we must uphold?” the teenager asked Christie.

“When he got asked up in New Hampshire by a 15-year-old about his point of view on the January 6th riot, he said, well, I wasn’t in Washington that day, so I don’t know as much about it,” Christie said. “Well, s*** man, I wasn’t in Washington either.”

“But I have a TV set, and I saw what was going on, and I got an opinion about it,” he added.

DeSantis is an idiot. He’s afraid to say mean things about the leading frontrunner who he is challenging. Everyone will remember where they were on Jan. 6th, just as people remember where they were when JFK was assassinated. I’m not comparing the two events. Some unforgettable things stick in your mind as a critical point in history. That’s something that Trump will never be able to shake off.

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