Watch Police Hold Nothing Back To Chase Down A Cop Killer

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Watch Police Hold Nothing Back To Chase Down A Cop KillerWatch Police Hold Nothing Back To Chase Down A Cop Killer

Watch Police Hold Nothing Back To Chase Down A Cop Killer

Murdering a cop in the line of duty is a horrible thing to do. Not surprisingly, police take that super personally, almost like every time they put on the uniform and walk out the house, they don’t know if it’s the last time they see their family. When a drug dealer shot and killed a New Mexico State Police officer, the whole force and cops from nearby agencies went hard to take him down.

Watch what happens when a security guard allegedly tries pulling over an off-duty cop.

Officer Darian Jarrott pulled a white pickup truck driven by Omar Felix Cueva over just outside of Deming, New Mexico. He was ill-prepared for the repeat offender and drug dealer who was armed and ready to kill.

With their colleague dead, all law enforcement in the area pulled out the stops, going hard to find the cop killer.

Pulling out all the stops apparently involves a Camaro from a local police department leading the chase. We don’t see too many police Camaros these days and when we do, just like the police Mustangs they’re usually unmarked with the lights embedded in the grille, headlights/taillights, etc. This one instead has roof lights, which is just super weird to see on a sixth-gen.

What’s even better is seeing the muscle car do a PIT maneuver on Cueva’s truck. Since the Camaro is low to the ground, and we’re assuming it’s outfitted with a push bar on the nose, it can pull off a TVI with amazing precision. This makes us wonder why more departments haven’t been using Camaros for chases.

Cueva reportedly was ready for a fight. What police didn’t know was he had a bulletproof vest on. You see in the dashcam footage right after the PIT the officer in the Camaro gets out, gun drawn, and immediately is shot by Cueva who rushes at him.

That’s when multiple other law enforcement officers open up on Cueva. Despite having many of his vital organs covered by the vest, he still was killed in the hail of gunfire.

Image via NM Bodycam/YouTube

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