WATCH: Nadler Plays Supercut Of Trump Saying Crazy Sh*t

Republicans have tried repeatedly to paint Joe Biden as a dithering old fool with memory issues, but Democratic New York Rep. Jerry Nadler flipped the script on them while questioning Robert Hur during the hearing on the President’s handling of classified documents.

“Here too, the record speaks for itself,” Nadler says before playing the clip of Lumpy saying the following:

One of the great memories of all time…

James Webb.

I don’t remember the names.

I don’t remember the name.

Viktor Orbán.

Did anyone ever hear of him?

He’s the leader of Turkey.

By the way, they never report the crowd on January 6th.

You know, Nikki Haley.

Nikki Haley is in charge of security.

Three years lady, ladies lady.

How about that?

Did you actually have a one-on-one with Comey then?

Not much.

Not even that I remember.

I don’t like mosquitos.

We have languages coming into our country.

We have nobody that even speaks those languages.

They’re truly foreign languages.

Nobody speaks them.

Saudi Arabia and Russia will repeat you. Ohhhhh.

I have a really good memory.

“Your next wife was a woman by the name of Marla Maples,” Trump is asked.

“Right,” Trump said .

“Do you recall what years you were married to Ms. Maples?” he’s asked.

“Um…” Trump responds.

It’s called, like, up here, and it’s called memory, and it’s called other things.

So you don’t remember saying you have one of the best memories?

I don’t remember that.

And Putin, you know, has so little respect for Obama that he’s starting to throw around the nuclear war, too.

You’ve heard that, nuclear.

We have to win in November, or we’re not going to have Pennsylvania.

They’ll change the name.

I talk to Putin a lot.

How much change did you ask Putin for?

Did you ask him that?

I don’t remember that.

I saw that this morning.

I don’t remember asking him that question.

I have a good memory and all that stuff.

Like, a great memory.

For 20 years, they were fighting ISIS.

I defeated ISIS in four weeks.

And we did with Obama.

We won an election that everyone said couldn’t be won.

I’m not cognitively, and you know what?

When I am, you’re going to know it.

You’re going to be the first people.

I know my people.

You’ll say, all right, Trump, you did a good job.

Get the hell out of here.

“That is a man who is incapable of avoiding criminal liability, a man who is wholly unfit for office, and a man who, at the very least, ought to think twice before accusing others of cognitive decline,” Nadler said.

Swalwell took a shot at Trump, too.

It was revealed that Hur told Biden while questioning him that he appears “to have a photographic memory.” In other words, Hur lied. They can’t question Biden’s mental acuity while ignoring that raving lunatic’s mutterings. Former President Big Brain kept classified documents in the shitter at Mar-a-Lago. There is just no comparison here.

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