Watch Fox News Host Make Excuses For House Republicans

Bret Baier was eager to provide cover for the massive House GOP failure Tuesday. Republicans were unable to count votes in their efforts to fake-impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

But “the liberal” on his panel, Juan Williams, had so much material to work with that Juan couldn’t make it seem like maybe “both sides” were to blame. Yes, the fail is that obvious.

BRET BAIER (ANCHOR): Juan, if you’re Secretary Mayorkas, are you breathing a sigh of relief? You’re not the cabinet member that got impeached, first one in 100 plus years.

JUAN WILLIAMS (POLITICAL ANALYST): Well, don’t write it off yet. But, I say, yes, tonight he’s not the one that got impeached. But, the larger picture, when you talk about, you know, what do you see looking over this is, you see a Republican caucus that is dysfunctional. I mean, they hurt themselves here.

BAIER: Let’s rewind here, Juan. I mean, isn’t it dysfunctional for President Biden to come out and blame former President Trump for the border situation? To say that he’s the reason for the border? It’s been 8 million plus illegal immigrants across and a very porous border that the president could’ve locked down.

WILLIAMS: We can go back and we can go into the weeds and say, “You’re to blame, Democrat,” “You’re to blame, Republican.” But, right now, Republicans had been calling for some resolution, for increasing support for security on that border. And, yet, they say, “No.” Obviously, you have the Chamber of Commerce, you have the border guards themselves, you have —

BAIER: The agents’ union, yeah.

WILLIAMS: They’re all saying, “Yes, vote for this one.” The Democrats, by the way, are not happy about this. They’re making major concessions on amnesty and Dreamers. And yet the Republicans say, “Oh no, we don’t want this.” It’s incredible.

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