Watch: Bull elk has last laugh after being taunted by motorist


The U.S. Department of the Interior last week issued a reminder that the bison rut is underway and urged visitors on public lands to give the massive animals space.

“No matter what time of year, always stay further than 25 yards away!” the agency cautioned. (Click here to witness the astonishing power of bison during a 2020 mating-season skirmish in Yellowstone National Park.)

Since the elk rut follows the bison rut in the Rockies, similar advisories are forthcoming because elk also are strong and unpredictable, and as dangerous as bison.

But, as with bison, bull elk do not need to be in the rut to become agitated, and this is illustrated wonderfully in the accompanying footage, which went viral last year.

As viewers can see, the motorist is taunting the elk through an open window while driving slowly toward the animal on a highway. “Watch out buddy,” the man goads, adding, “You wanna fight?”

The elk responded by plowing its antlers into the vehicle’s left front tire, leaving the motorist with a flat. The clip ends with an expletive issued from his female passenger.

–Generic elk image courtesy of ©Pete Thomas

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