Verification scheme launched for framework ‘gold standard’

Prof. David Mosey: “all clients and supply chain members should adopt the Gold Standard recommendations”

The government launched a review of public sector frameworks back in February 2021 with the aim of establishing exactly how they should operate. The result was the publication of the ‘gold standard’ in September 2022 in the updated Construction Playbook.

The new verification scheme – Constructing the Gold Standard – outlines an integrated and collaborative approach to framework procurement, contracting and management.

The scheme is an objective system for recognising and supporting those framework providers and clients who adopt Gold Standard frameworks, framework contracts and action plans. Seven clients and framework providers are currently piloting the scheme. They are the Ministry of Justice, the Environment Agency, Scape, CHIC, LHC, Places for People and the Crown Commercial Service.

The scheme verifies the claims made by framework providers and clients who procure their own frameworks and alliances. It also provides a measure of quality for clients who use frameworks and for suppliers who bid for frameworks.

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Professor David Mosey of King’s College, who carried out the original review, said: “In order for public sector construction to make best use of limited funds, to deliver safe and high-quality outcomes and to tackle the climate crisis, all clients and supply chain members should adopt the Gold Standard recommendations.

“Integrated framework alliance contracts, the application of digital information management and the implementation of urgent action plans under existing long term contracts are among the recommendations that the construction sector and its clients should implement to achieve the Gold Standard.”

Alison Nicholl, head of Constructing Excellence, said: “Constructing Excellence have long been advocates for better procurement as an enabler of better outcomes. We are delighted to be working with Professor Mosey on supporting the implementation of the Gold Standard and helping drive continuous improvements in construction frameworks.”

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