Ukrainian special operation forces land in Crimea, battle with losses occurs – Defence Intelligence

The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine has stated that the special operations forces units landed on the territory of the occupied Crimean peninsula and attacked the Russians, and after completing the mission, they retreated.

Source: Defence Intelligence of Ukraine; Andrii Yusov, representative of Ukraine’s Defence Intelligence in a comment to Ukrainska Pravda

Quote from the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine: “The Stugna and Bratstvo special operations units as part of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine’s Tymur special unit landed on the territory of the Crimean peninsula and inflicted fire on the Moscow occupiers!

Crimea will be Ukrainian! Glory to Ukraine!”

Details: The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine posted a video showing the boats sailing to the shore.

The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine did not specify when the landing took place.

Andrii Yusov, representative of the Defence Intelligence, clarified in a comment to Ukrainska Pravda that after completing the task, having inflicted losses on the Russians, the special forces group withdrew, although also with some losses.

Quote: “There was a battle with the Russian occupiers; there are many killed and wounded among the invaders’ personnel. Unfortunately, there are losses among Ukrainian defenders that are still not the same as the Russians’.

The special operation aimed at the liberation of Crimea continues.

We call on all residents of the peninsula to wait and help the Defence Forces in every way possible to liberate the Ukrainian territories.”

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