Trump's Crimes Are Even Leaving His Allies Broke

The latest catastrophe that Donald Trump has brought to all of his supporters is that his crime spree is leaving them flat broke. News emerged in the last 24 hours that Rudy Giuliani literally went to Mar-a-Lago to beg Trump to cover his seven-figure legal costs — because he’s going bankrupt.

And Giuliani isn’t alone. More and more, we are learning that not only is Trump’s campaign out of money because of the tens of millions he has shelled out just in the first half of 2023 for lawyers, but all of the many staffers and enablers who have surrounded him are also going broke because of their attachment to Trump.

This short video gives the rundown on just how much financial trouble Trump’s supporters have bought for themselves as they’ve aided his crimes. And it asks the burning question: if Trump continues to stiff Rudy and the rest of them, how long will it be before they flip on him and send him to prison?

What a great outcome that would be.

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