Trump Voters Trust Him Over Their Own Family And Friends

His supporters have his back no matter what former President Donald Trump does. According to a CBS poll, if the nomination were held today, Trump would win. His myriad of legal problems? No biggie.

Their slavish devotion to the former reality show star turned twice impeached four times indicted one-term President is unexplainable. He’s a prolific liar with a narcissist disorder, meaning he lacks empathy. It makes no sense. Oh, and he was found liable for sexual abuse, so there’s that, too.

The Daily Beast reports:

But for Republican voters, the oft-indicted former President Trump is much more trustworthy than their own kin. A CBS poll released on Sunday showed that more Donald Trump voters (71 percent) found information coming from their favorite candidate to be more truthful than their own family members or friends (63 percent). The poll also laid bare the wipeout hovering over the nominees ahead of the first debate, with Donald Trump leading the field at 63 percent. His closest opponent, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, came in at 16 percent.

I’ve never seen such a divisive and toxic figure in politics before. Trump has torn families apart. It’s a cult.

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