Trump Lawyer Leaves Team, Expected To Testify For Prosecutors

Evan Corcoran, an attorney for Donald Trump who became a critical witness in the classified documents case, no longer represents him. Via

Corcoran’s quiet exit from Trump’s orbit could pose a significant issue for the former president, with the potential for prosecutors to call him as a key witness if the case goes to trial. He also was one of the last attorneys on Trump’s defense team to have handled his federal investigations from the beginning, as his legal peril skyrocketed.

Corcoran was brought on to help Trump fend off charges in the classified documents investigation, but instead turned into a central witness after Trump allegedly misled him about the whereabouts of the documents at his Mar-a-Lago club and encouraged him to lie to the Justice Department and withhold those documents.

One year ago, Corcoran was required to appear before a grand jury investigating the case after a district judge ruled he could not use attorney-client privilege to shield notes and memos from investigators about his interactions with Trump, saying that prosecutors met the threshold for the crime-fraud exception for him. The voice memos turned into notes provided a roadmap for prosecutors when they indicted Trump. Corcoran is referred to as “Trump Attorney 1” in that indictment.

Assuming the case goes to trial, Corcoran is expected to be a key witness for the prosecution. The case has been mired in delay (*cough* corrupt Aileen Cannon *cough*) and unresolved legal questions for months now.

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