Trump Is Asked About His Christian Faith, And It Gets Awkward

Donald Trump responded to a Christian lady who asked about the twice-indicted former President’s religious journey on Tuesday at a town hall in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, hosted by Fox News’s Sean Hannity. Whenever Trump has been asked about his alleged Christian faith, it seems apparent that he doesn’t share that belief. Well, at least it’s obvious to the rest of us.

“My question is, how has your faith grown since you decided in 2015 to run for president?” the woman asked. “And who has mentored you in your faith journey?”

“Great question,” Lumpy said. “Such a great question.”

“You know, I’ve seen so much heartache and turmoil,” he continued. “I was a developer, and I did other things. And, you know, I had a wonderful, I had a wonderful life before all this stuff.”

“I didn’t know what a grand jury was,” Trump said as if that has anything to do with his ‘Christian’ faith. “I didn’t know what a subpoena; what is a subpoena? I had a wonderful life.”

“I’m so glad they asked me the other day a little different question,” Trump continued. “Are you glad you did it? So you had a great life. Are you glad you did it? I couldn’t be more glad. I am so happy I did it because I’ve made America great. We can do it again.”

“Right now, we don’t; we are not a great country,” he said. “We are not a great country.”

But I’ve gotten to know, because of this, evangelicals, I mean, I know so many people, and they feel so good about themselves and their family, and they base it on religion,” he continued. “I had never had that kind of an experience where I got to know so many.”

“And Franklin Graham and Paula White, I mean, I know so many people that are so incredible, religious people, and not just Christians, not just evangelicals,” he insisted. “You know, when I look at the Catholic faith, you take a look at what the FBI, no, but look at what the FBI is doing to Catholics. They’ve made them like the enemy.”

Then, like a true ‘Christian,’ Trump attacked Biden over his faith. President Biden is a devout Catholic.

“They’ve made them; it’s horrible,” he said. “How could a Catholic ever vote for a Democrat or a guy like Biden again after the experience that they’re going through?

“But I’ve met some of the finest people that I wouldn’t have had the privilege of meeting if I weren’t president, and they’re religious leaders, and they really are incredible people,” he added.

Again, this was the question he didn’t answer: “My question is, how has your faith grown since you decided in 2015 to run for President? And who has mentored you in your faith journey?”

He could not answer it. It’s a straightforward question — especially for those of us who believe in a deity.

Flashback from a few years ago:

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