Trump Demands SCOTUS Give Him Total Immunity

After the Supreme Court ruled to keep Trump on the Colorado ballot, the treasonous ex-president demanded he get total immunity for any crimes he committed as president.

Diminished Donald squawked during his presser about what a great day it’s been so far and then specifically cited the upcoming decision on his immunity case.

“I hope that the justices, because they’ll be working on some other cases, but one in particular — presidents have to be given total immunity,” Trump claimed. “They have to be allowed to do their job, if they’re not allowed to do their job.”

In Diminished Donny’s brain, a president’s job is contingent on allowing them to murder political rivals? Embezzle from the treasury? Sell US national secrets to foreign countries? All of the above?

“It’s not what the founders wanted, but perhaps even more importantly, it will be terrible for our country,” he said wrapping up.

WTF does that even mean?

The Founders did not want a president to have the power of a despotic ruler, or a king and that’s why they created the US Constitution, with three branches of government that are supposedly equal, although these days the Supreme Court seems to deem themselves superior.

Trying to overthrow the government that you swore to protect is not covered by immunity, you imbecile. It’s an affront to the Founders, and their entire fight for freedom in the Revolutionary war.

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