Trump Attorney Hilariously Close To Getting It. She's Almost There

Trump attorney Christina Bobb appeared on Newsmax, where Rep. Matt Gaetz once again played host of the show because he’s bored and has nothing to do. They discussed Fulton County district attorney Fani Willis, and Bobb was very close to getting it.

Interestingly, after Trump was indicted the fourth time, a Georgia Republican quickly moved to impeach Willis. Also, Republicans want to change Georgia’s rules on pardons after a state senator sent a letter to Governor Brian Kemp. They do not care that Trump is corrupt. They want to change the practices to save him, without regard for the law.

“Christina, Bob, in the Georgia indictment, things are alleged as predicate criminal acts, which seem odd, like Mark Meadows getting a Pennsylvania lawmaker’s phone number or Trump tweeting about watching the news,” Gaetz said. “Is RICO being misused in the Georgia case?”

“It’s absolutely being misused,” Bobb replied. “The fact that she charged the chairman of the Georgia GOP and all of their political operatives and attorneys working for them, she essentially is saying that the Republican Party of Georgia is a criminal organization.”

“It is insanely absurd what she’s done there,” she continued. “There’s no there-there in Georgia.
There’s plenty of evidence to support President Trump’s defense, and I expect this case will not go forward the way that Fannie Willis expects it to.”

Republicans have been scrambling to change the rules for their Trumpy Bear. It’s embarrassing. Have you noticed that they no longer call themselves the party of “law and order”?

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