Tips for Growing Flowering Vines

They work their way quite easily up walls. Virginia creeper, firethorn, and others such as ivies are good examples of this type.

Tendrils are threadlike, twist around objects in proximity, and include clematis, passionflower, and sweet pea.

Creeping varieties use their long stems to sprawl over objects but require tying or weaving to keep them in place. Climbing roses are the most common examples of this growth habit.

Where to Buy

You’ll find a wide variety of flowering vines available. Here are three to whet your appetite:

Boulevard Tranquilité Clematis

Sun-loving Boulevard® Tranquilité™ clematis, Clematis ‘Evipo 111,’ displays icy cool blooms consisting of a double row of crisp, white sepals, a hint of lavender, and ruffled margins.

A close up square image of white 'Boulevard Tranquilité' clematis flower pictured on a soft focus background.

Boulevard® Tranquilité™ Clematis

Plants are perennial and suited to Zones 4 to 9. They have a bushy growth habit perfect for small-space gardening. Mature dimensions are four to five feet long with a spread of three feet.

Boulevard® Tranquilité™ clematis is available from Nature Hills Nursery.

Learn more about growing clematis in our guide.

Party Dress Morning Glory

Early-blooming annual ‘Party Dress’ morning glory, Ipomoea purpurea ‘Party Dress,’ is a prolific bloomer in full sun placements.

Its velvety magenta blooms measure two to three inches across. Snowy-white throats increase the visual appeal, adding depth and contrast.

A close up square image of pink 'Party Dress' morning glory flowers growing in the garden.

‘Party Dress’ Morning Glory

Expect a length of six to seven feet and a spread of six feet.

‘Party Dress’ morning glory seeds are available from Burpee.

See our guide to growing morning glories for more information.

Royal Navy Sweet Pea

Annual ‘Royal Navy’ sweet pea, Lathyrus odoratus ‘Royal Navy,’ boasts fragrant, deep purple to navy blue blossoms, depending on the available soil nutrients.

A close up of purple sweet pea flowers pictured on a soft focus background.

‘Royal Navy’ Sweet Pea

Expect a length of six to seven feet with straight stems suited to cutting for bouquets. Sweet peas prefer some afternoon shade in the warmest zones.

‘Royal Navy’ sweet pea seeds are available from Eden Brothers.

Our guide to growing sweet peas has more information.

Structural Support

Most species and cultivars require structural support to accommodate their trailing tendencies.

For optimal health and appearance, provide a wall, trellis, string grid, pole, pergola, or arbor for them to climb.

A close up vertical image of a Dutchman's pipe flower pictured on a soft focus background.
Dutchman’s Pipe, Aristolochia ringens.

Heavier varieties with woody stems, like grape, wisteria, trumpet, and Dutchman’s pipe, require sturdy armatures, such as an iron arbor, to withstand their weight.

Here are two decorative structural pieces you may like:

Constructed of black powder-coated steel, two Abellas Bauzo Steel Gothic Trellises are included in this set, each measuring 48.25 by 12 inches.

A close up of two Abellas Steel trellises isolated on a white background.

Abellas Bauzo Steel Gothic Trellis (Set of 2)

Freestanding trellises like this are perfect for keeping vines off buildings.

The set is available from Wayfair.

Next, the Allistir Wood Outdoor Planter Box with Trellis is perfect for small spaces and plants that need to be moved out of the sun on hot afternoons.

Made of weather- and UV-resistant, carbonized, solid wood, this product offers a trellis and planter in one.

Four caster wheels provide the added convenience of rolling the planter as desired.

A square image of a wooden planter box with a built in trellis.

Allistir Wood Outdoor Planter Box with Trellis

Overall dimensions are 45.3 by 25.2 by 1.3 inches. The trellis has a weight capacity of 50 pounds, and the planter can hold 110 pounds.

The Allistir Wood Outdoor Planter Box with Trellis is available from Wayfair.

Let the nature of the plants you consider guide your choices.

Creeping varieties require securing with bits of twine or pantyhose to keep them traveling in the desired directions.

You can also use garden ties such as these:

41fHMTiAe+L. SL500

One-Wrap Garden Ties

With Velcro’s One-Wrap Garden Ties, you cut the desired lengths, attach climbing stems to their support structures, and direct them as desired.

The soft, flexible green Velcro is easy to cut, blends well with flora, adheres firmly, and removes easily for reuse.

One-Wrap Garden Ties are available from Velcro via Amazon.

In addition to attaching stems with ties, you can hand-weave some sturdier ones in and out of openings, like those in lattice and chain links, directing them as desired.

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