Tim Scott Wants To 'Go Back To That Future': 2017-2020

Trump’s new lackey, Senator Tim Scott gratified the Diminished One on Fox News on Super Tuesday by saying he wants to take America back to the days of COVID 2020.

Scott is vying to be Trump’s VP, of course, so he explained as the results of Super Tuesday were flowing in that Trump’s future is our past.

(And no, Michael Fox and Christopher Lloyd are not included.)

“[Trump]…spoke about the future,” Scott said. “We have to go back to that future. 2017 and 2020, we want those four years one more time.”

Geez, only hundreds of thousands of Americans died from COVID in 2020 What a hoot.

Those were indeed the glorious years for someone other than ordinary Americans.

How can we forget the George Floyd protests? The two impeachments? Good times.

How about that time in 2017 when Trump was in Helsinki bowing to his god Vlad while slapping around American intelligence services? What a hoot those days were.

Here’s more:

  • Michael Flynn convicted for lying to the FBI.
  • Stormy Daniels
  • The firing of FBI director James Comey
  • RussiaGate
  • E. Jean Carroll
  • Many mass shootings, including:
    • Sutherland Springs
    • 2017 Las Vegas shooting
    • Parkland, Florida
    • Pittsburgh synagogue shooting
    • Sutherland Springs
    • 2019 El Paso shooting

Those were indeed the good old days, Mr. Scott.

What a fatuous sellout and coward he is. They all are, but he’s worse than most.

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