This Is How Much Americans Spend on Pet Food

Adopting a pet is a decision you have to think about carefully before diving in. Not only does it require a huge time commitment on your part, but there’s also a big financial commitment to make, seeing as how you’re forking over money for things like healthcare, supplies, and, depending on your situation, pet-sitting services.

And then there’s food to think about — something your pet needs daily. Data from Forbes Advisor finds that the average dog owner spends $339 per year on food, while the average cat owner spends $310. But these are only averages.

If you have a large-breed dog, for example, then you could easily end up spending twice as much as the typical dog owner. Similarly, if your pet has special dietary needs, you could easily end up spending four to five times as much — or more.

That’s why it’s important to budget carefully for pet food costs, and explore ways to keep those bills down. Subscribing to auto-deliveries from sites like Chewy or Amazon Prime could help you save money on pet food to some degree. But if your dog needs a special diet, your options for saving on food may be limited.

It’s crucial to save on other pet costs too. Putting pet insurance in place is a great way to potentially avoid a scenario where you’re shelling out thousands of dollars a year on veterinary bills.

The upside of pet insurance

Much of the time, pet insurance companies will not cover the cost of diet-specific pet food. But in some cases, you may be eligible for coverage for prescription food. It depends on the policy you put in place.

Either way, though, it’s important to get pet insurance, because while the cost of pet food may be somewhat predictable once you settle into a routine with your animal, the cost of medical care can be quite variable. You never know when your pet might get hurt or sick out of the blue. And without pet insurance, you might really struggle to pay those veterinary care bills.

What’s more, with the right pet insurance, you may find that it’s easier to keep your pet in good health. And that could, in turn, help you avoid a scenario where you have to pay a fortune for special food due to a condition that develops.

Do your best to make pet ownership affordable

As mentioned above, there are things you can do to lower the cost of pet ownership. In the context of food, buying in bulk is a good bet, as is signing up for automatic pet food deliveries, which may result in a discount.

You can also talk to your vet about lower-cost food options if you’re struggling to keep your pet fed. They may be able to suggest an alternative brand that’s not as expensive as the one you’re using now.

But on top of finding ways to save on pet food, it’s equally important to find ways to limit what you’re spending on medical care. And buying pet insurance is a good way to go about that. Though you will have to factor your premium costs into your budget, you get the peace of mind that if a massively large medical expense arises, you probably won’t have to pay for the bulk of it on your own.

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