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'There's No Evidence': Fox News Host Slams Guest For Hunter Biden Cocaine Claim

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Fox News host Howard Kurtz corrected Outkick host Charly Arnolt after she claimed President Joe Biden’s son Hunter consumed cocaine at the White House.

During a Sunday discussion on Fox News, Kurtz asked Arnolt about the possibility that Biden might testify if his son is charged with tax crimes.

“Hunter Biden’s lawyers realized that if it wasn’t for the last name Biden, that their client would already be in prison and have been swiftly prosecuted,” Alnolt opined. “I mean, fact of the matter is, if any of this were legit, we never would have gotten to this point.”

“And like I said, he’d be in prison instead of doing cocaine at the White House,” she added.

Kurtz paused to correct Arnolt before moving to his next question.

“I do have to say there’s no evidence of Hunter doing cocaine at the White House,” he explained.

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