The Internet Drags 'Racist Piece Of Sh*t' Charlie Kirk To Hell

I get it. Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk looks up to Donald Trump, so he’s trying to prove that he, too, can be a disgusting pig. It’s as if he’s in a race to the bottom. Trump’s big fat mouth just got him in $83.3 million worth of trouble for defamation, and it looks like Kirk is jealous, so he is on Twitter libeling Yusuf Salaam, formerly of the wrongly incarcerated Central Park Five, in the worst way imaginable. Kirk has to know that his hero, Donald Trump, took out a full-page ad in several prominent newspapers back in 1989 calling for the death penalty amid the firestorm of attention the Central Park Five was getting for a heinous crime they did not commit.

Salaam was only 15 years old at the time. More than a decade after the vicious attack, while still imprisoned for attacking five other women in 1989, serial rapist Matias Reyes confessed to the rape. Trump refused to apologize to the individuals he wanted to be put to death.

Donald Trump knows what happened.

Charlie Kirk knows what happened.

But the truth doesn’t matter to Charles.

“New York City councilman Yusuf Salaam, who once took part in the gruesome gang rape of a jogger in Central Park, is now furious that an NYPD officer dared to pull him over for having illegally tinted windows,” Kirk posted on X. “Salaam wasn’t even arrested or given a ticket, but after getting away with gang rape he apparently thinks he deserves to be completely above the law. “

“What a disgusting pig,” Kirk added.

Kirk included a link to an Ann Coulter piece as his source. No, really. Xitter users were pissed. Kirk has made it clear in the past that he’s a racist piece of shit, but he just confirmed it, just in case you didn’t hear it the first time. It’s time to lawyer up, you libelous jerkwad.

Exonerated is a word Trump will never understand:

A self-described “First Amendment Lawyer” had some advice for Charles:

I think Charles should have left it up. That Xitter post is him to the core. Just ask one of the 150 young boys he allegedly molested (wink wink). Charles wrote his post as if Salaam was guilty. I wrote mine using sarcasm to make a point. You see how this works, Charles? Charles lives comfortably in a home worth millions in a gated community with his wife who calls him “Babe.” He can’t sue me for the thousands I’m worth, but Babe can be sued for the millions he’s worth. It depends on who you ask, but I am only a thousandaire. And there are no grounds to sue someone for being sarcastic. Also, I’d rather be me living in my little apartment than be Charles, living the life of a wealthy individual by feeding racist rhetoric to his thirsty supporters.

‘Babe’ deleted his Xitter post, then posted a long-winded explanation and terrible, perhaps realizing that his initial one would land him in court, and he could lose every penny he had. I hear that E Jean Carroll’s attorney is free. Good luck, babe.

Editor’s Note: Because the internet is forever, we’ve included a screenshot of the now-deleted tweet, registering over 2 million views hours before it was deleted.

UPDATE: Pastor Darrell Scott, former adviser to Donald Trump, calls it out:

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