Tennessee Lawmaker: 'Shame On Us!'

On Tuesday, a Tennessee House Subcommittee held a meeting to discuss allowing certain people to not only carry firearms into the school but not even having to identify themselves as being allowed to carry their weapons. A lot of concerned mothers, including some whose children were at the Covenant school shooting a few months ago, attended this meeting. They were not disruptive in any way, shape or form. They were quietly sitting, watching and some were holding up signs. The subcommittee chairman, State Representative Lowell Russell, had state troopers forcibly remove the women from the room. The state Republicans also had the water for the drinking fountains turned off, despite the heat index reaching 115 degrees.

On Wednesday, per The Tennessee Holler, State Representative Jason Powell addressed the subcommittee and read them the riot act for their shameful behavior. He also asked for Russell to apologize for this travesty to democracy and justice, pointing out that these were grieving mothers.

Russell stayed silent. Good thing he wasn’t holding a sign, or he might have been forcibly removed as well.

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