Tennessee GOP Messed With The Wrong Moms

On Tuesday, Tennessee Republicans really put their foot into it. At a House subcommittee meeting, Republicans ordered state troopers to forcibly remove some mothers protesting the lack of gun control laws. The GOP had them removed because they were peacefully and silently holding up signs which read “1 KID > ALL THE GUNS.”

There was no reason for the removal of these women. These are the true, good moms who aren’t afraid of a book or a history lesson but loving moms who want their children to come home safe at the end of every school day. These women are not the bumbling, astroturf bimbos of the hate groups like Moms for Liberty.

Everyone knows that you do not get between a momma bear and her babies, yet that is exactly what the GOP did.

They might have had these moms removed from one meeting. But these are the moms that are going to remove those cowardly Republicans from their offices. Just watch and see.

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