Taramar Unveils Skincare Solution Powered by Kelp

Taramar has unveiled its latest skincare solution: the Purification Treatment, which taps into the rejuvenating properties of Icelandic Kelp.
At its core, the Purification Treatment relies on NoTox, a technology devised by Taramar that extracts the potent skin rejuvenating properties of kelp. The result is the Arctic Complex, a proprietary blend that not only preserves but also amplifies the properties of organic kelp, delivering a transformative experience that leaves skin complexion radiant and revitalized.
Beyond a mere cleansing agent, Purification Treatment has undergone rigorous independent testing on women, producing remarkable results such as greater radiance, mild detoxification, and firmer, hydrated skin with a beautiful color.
Dr. Marteinsdóttir (Rúna), a Professor at the University of Iceland and the founder of Taramar, shares her inspiration: “While watching ‘Memoirs of a Geisha,’ I marveled at the leading actress’ smooth, flawless skin and wondered how I could recreate that effect, using only safe and natural bioactive compounds – no makeup and no toxic chemicals such as fillers and colors.”
Extensive research into seaweed led Rúna to pinpoint at least 2 specific kelp species with remarkable skin-smoothing and collagen-boosting capabilities, leading to a firm, lifted look and an even texture and tone. By combining these extracts with luxurious organic oils and a powerful skin-conditioning ester, Taramar’s Purifying Treatment was born.

Other Kelp Products

Earlier this year, Bumble and bumble released its vegan Bb. Seaweed collection, infused with Pacific sea kelp, royal sugar kelp and green microalgae.
Also, Seaweed Bath Co. recently revamped its packaging in a way that communicates the benefits of marine-derived ingredients, including sustainably-harvested, nutrient-dense Atlantic seaweed, for all skin and hair types.

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