Surprise! Boebert Lied: She WAS Vaping In Theatre

I’m shocked – SHOCKED!- that Rep. Lauren Boebert lied about her behavior that eventually led to her and her date being kicked out of a performance of Beetlejuice at the Buell Theatre.

Source: 9News

DENVER — New video obtained by 9NEWS supports claims that Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert was vaping as she sat inside the Buell Theatre for a weekend performance of “Beetlejuice.”

An incident report from the Buell Theatre detailed several patron complaints about the behavior of two people sitting in Row E, near the front of the theater.

The incident report does not name Boebert, but two city sources confirmed with 9NEWS that Boebert was escorted from the performance over complaints of vaping, taking pictures and causing a disturbance. Video shows her being escorted out.

The report details the effort by ushers and supervisors to address the complaints. According to the report, there were three different complaints about the two people “vaping, singing [and] causing a disturbance.”

Video from the theatre clearly shows Boebert vaping. The footage shows her taking photos with the flash on during the performance. She’s also seen raising arms and clapping while almost everyone is seen sitting quietly.

The truth:

And Boebert’s bald-faced lies:

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