'Stupid': Scarborough Appalled By Trump's Newest Threat To Jack Smith

On Thursday, former President Donald Trump shared a threatening video clip on his Truth Social platform in which he appeared to try to intimidate Special Counsel Jack Smith. And now, he’s doubled down. Has Lumpy even taken a good look at Jack Smith? I don’t think he’s easily intimidated. Smith prosecuted war crimes in The Hague.

Trump was asked about the possibility of jail time over Special Counsel Jack Smith’s investigation, and the twice-indicted former President said it would be “very dangerous” if he went to jail. It’s “dangerous,” he said, because they “have a tremendously passionate group of voters, and I mean, maybe, you know, maybe 100, 150…”

“Much more passionate than they had in 2020,” Trump added.

The Morning Joe panel was appalled.

“I don’t know if Donald Trump understands,” host Joe Scarborough said. “He’s talking like a mobster. ‘It would be a shame, dangerous for Jack Smith,’ and [his supporters are] more dangerous now than in 2020 or 2016.”

“He’s just so stupid, he really is,” he continued. “He just doesn’t understand. He’s going up against the feds; he doesn’t understand that he can’t bully and bluster and threaten his way out of criminal charges that are coming because he broke the law, because he stole nuclear secrets, because he stole secret plans to attack Iran, because he stole secret military secrets, because he has, people all around him, all around him, on Jan. 6, that are testifying against him.”

“Has he not looked at pictures of Jack Smith? This guy looks like the judge on ‘Andor,’ all right?” he added. “He looks like the guy who takes the good guy from the ‘Star Wars’ galaxy and throws him into jail for life. He doesn’t understand. I’m scared. You just scared me by putting this picture up. Like, what does he think? Does he think Jack Smith is going to be intimidated by mob-like threats?”

Trump is the dumbest motherfucker on the planet. It doesn’t look like he’s doing any Stable Geniusing lately. Keep threatening Smith. He’s going to get more charges added if he keeps this up. How does his little pinhead brain even think this is OK?

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