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Soapbox Launches New Moisturizing Hand Soaps at Walmart Stores

Personal care brand Soapbox’s new line of Moisturizing Hand Soaps is now available at more than 2,700 Walmart locations and online at Walmart’s website.
The new line of Moisturizing Hand Soaps brings clean, sustainability-focused, yet affordable products to the millions of customers who shop at Walmart each week—and the packaging is garden-inspired.
“We’re ecstatic to introduce our new line of Moisturizing Hand Soaps to Walmart shoppers looking to elevate their kitchen and bathroom countertops with a moisture-rich, naturally-derived product,” said David Simnick, co-founder and CEO of Soapbox. “Over the last year, we’ve noticed that shoppers are not only looking for hand soaps that smell amazing and look good, but also feel great on their hands. Walmart offers a robust assortment of high-quality, clean, body care products, so we’re thrilled to bring this line to the masses to increase accessibility, and in turn, continue to spread our mission of providing hygiene products to those who need it most in our communities.”
Available in four gender-neutral scents, Soapbox’s Moisturizing Hand Soap line is formulated with a moisture-locking formula containing vitamin-rich hero ingredients with a base of shea and aloe. These gentle formulas have an ultra-rich lather to provide a sudsy, effective wash that is tough on grime without stripping or drying out skin. Like all other Soapbox products, this line is cruelty-free and 100% vegan, and free of parabens, harsh sulfates, and silicone.
Scents include:

  • Aloe Water + Sage – Naturally antibacterial, earthy sage is balanced with crisp, cooling aloe water to give hands a wash that restores hydration while it soothes and cleanses.

  • Coconut Milk + Shea – Infused with double nourishment, vitamin-rich & deeply moisturizing coconut oil is paired with rejuvenating shea butter to seal in hydration and leave your hands feeling clean and moisturized while smelling like naturally sweet coconut milk.

  • Watermelon + Basil – Straight from the garden, fresh, juicy watermelon and herbal-sweet basil extracts provide antioxidant-rich goodness to your hands that not only deeply cleanses, but also helps improve the elasticity of your hands.

  • Sweet Orange + Citrus – Bright, vitamin-C packed citrus from a perfectly peeled orange is blended with the subtle spice of natural antiseptic fennel to create an invigorating wash that helps keep your skin healthy and give you a natural glow.

Soapbox’s Moisturizing Hand Soap line retails at Walmart stores and online, with availability on Amazon, Soapbox’s website and additional retailers to come.

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