Should You Buy a Costco Greenhouse?

Harvesting your late summer garden can be a treat, but every gardener knows that September brings colder nights, signaling the end of the growing season. At least, that’s true for those of us lacking a greenhouse.

But could Costco house your hope of a continuing harvest?

I know I’ve knocked’s lackluster inventory in the past, but even I have to admit Costco has several tempting greenhouse options on its website. Of course, the question is, are they worth it? Let’s take a look.

A decent variety of sizes and price points

Costco’s selection of greenhouses offers a variety of sizes, from a covered elevated planter up to a 400-square-foot premium structure. As you’d expect, the prices vary along with the size, and the largest greenhouses on Costco’s website push into the five figures.

Even if you don’t go to extremes, a Costco greenhouse of any size isn’t cheap. The least expensive “greenhouse” you’ll find is still over $200, and it’s so small it barely qualifies for the title. For something large enough to walk in, expect to pay $750 to $3,000.

Now, the good thing is that many of Costco’s prices are less expensive than competitors are charging. Here are some examples:

  • Self-Watering Elevated Spruce Planter with Greenhouse & Bug Cover

Costco: $219.99

Home Depot: $299.00 $319.99

  • Yardistry Greenhouse, 7.8 ft x 6.7 ft with Cedar Frame

Costco: $1,199.99 (sale price for September; regularly $1,499.99)

Home Depot: $2,199.99

Tractor Supply: $1,599.99 (sale price, regularly $1,999.99)

  • Palram Canopia Americana 12 ft. x 12 ft. Greenhouse Kit

Costco: $2,999.99

Home Depot: $3,502.75

Lowes: $3,769.00

  • Exaco Royal Victorian Glass Greenhouse 10 ft. x 15 ft.

Costco: $8,999.99

Home Depot: $10,999.00 $9,907.25

The bad thing is that greenhouses are still very expensive. And that means two things. First, you need to make sure your personal finances can handle the purchase before you splurge. And second, we need to do some digging into the quality to get an idea of whether those big price tags are actually worthwhile.

Quality seems to vary a lot by model

If you look at the reviews on Costco’s website, it seems like the quality varies a lot depending on the specific greenhouse. That said, of the 11 models for sale, nine have at least four stars (out of five), and three of those have a 4.5-star rating or higher.

While good reviews aren’t a guarantee of high quality, it’s definitely a positive indicator. I’d probably also watch a few YouTube videos and read some Reddit testimonials before spending $1,500 or more on, well, anything — and I recommend you do that before you buy a Costco greenhouse, as well.

Overall, my impression from the negative reviews is that you really need to consider your space as much as your budget. For instance, if your yard gets a lot of wind, then the Palram Canopia Harmony kit might not be right for you, even if its $750 price tag seems easier to manage than the more expensive options.

It’s worth noting here, though, that every greenhouse on will be covered by Costco’s usual satisfaction guarantee. In the example of the high wind, one reviewer said their greenhouse fell to pieces, but Costco still accepted the return and gave them their money back.

Some DIY required

One important thing to keep in mind with Costco greenhouses is that they’ll all need some level of assembly. In the case of the cheaper planter or hothouse options, that should be fairly minor assembly.

When it comes to the larger greenhouses, however, you’re going to need actual tools. And probably a friend (or three). If you’re not handy — or know someone who is willing to assemble it for you — then a Costco greenhouse probably isn’t the best option, no matter how good a deal it may be financially.

Potential for value, with a caveat

Overall, a Costco greenhouse could be a good buy. Prices are at least comparable to other retailers, and most of the models are well-reviewed. Just be sure to spend some time in your space so you know what conditions to expect, then buy accordingly.

I do want to add one caveat: If the price of the Costco greenhouse is the same as you can get at another retailer, it might be worth buying elsewhere.

Why? Costco has that pesky credit card restriction (Costco only accepts Visa cards). For something likely to cost $1,000-plus, you want to maximize your rewards, perhaps through a sign-up bonus. But if the rewards card you want isn’t a Visa, you can’t use it at Costco. This isn’t going to be a consideration for everyone, but it’s definitely something I think about.

Of course, you’d then be forfeiting the Costco customer service. So you’ll need to decide if that’s worth the extra credit card rewards.

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