Shameless Liar Matt Gaetz Fundraises On Fox

Matt Gaetz is a opportunistic grifter and a liar. And here he uses Laura Ingraham’s questions about his fundraising, to fundraise.

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): The concern here is that people are seeing your fundraisers instantly going out about this. You’re raising money. It is chaos right now.

REP. MATT GAETZ (GUEST): I need to address that.

INGRAHAM: Okay. Well, is it not a fundraiser? I think we have a full screen of it. Is it a fundraiser or not? And everybody fundraises. Again, I’m not — I’m just saying that is another criticism of what’s going on.

GAETZ: Yeah, if I can get a word in here — I am the only Republican in the entire United States Congress who takes no lobbyist money and no PAC money. So, absolutely: I communicate daily, vigorously with regular Americans because the only way I am able to advance my political goals is if just regular folks give me $10, $20, $30. So I will take no lecture from the likes of people who do three lobbyist fundraisers a day in order to get cash from special interests on how I raise money. And I take deep offense to anyone who wants to criticize the mailman, the active duty service member, the grandmother who believes in me and goes to to donate. As a matter of fact, I hope they do that right now and I’m not sorry for it at all because I won’t take the lobbyist and PAC money like every other person here does.

Gaetz doesn’t give a rat’s ass about anything but how much his super PAC made overnight. He certainly doesn’t care about how the House functions as a branch of government. He’s just checking his intake every morning and adjusting the texting blasts accordingly.

And it’s true, now that he’s a rockstar among the “burn it all down” caucus, he doesn’t “need” superPAC or lobbyist money. That didn’t stop him from taking Lockheed Martin and Goldcoast Logistics Group dollars when he was getting his start.

It’s about the money. Twenty bucks at a time, same as in town. Whore.

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