Sebastian Gorka Teases Charlie Kirk On Trump's 'Amazing' VP Pick

Sebastian Gorka, the British-accented cartoonishly evil wannabe badass who laughably tried to pass himself off as a terrorism expert, told Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk that he knew Trump’s pick for vice president. He didn’t say it’s Rep. Matt Gaetz, but it would be like the former President to want to reward the Florida Republican for putting Trump over the country.

“Dr. Gorka, I’m not sure how you’re going to answer this,” Kirk said. “How are you looking at the vice presidential selection? Who do you like? Who do you think would be a mistake? Your thoughts, Dr. Gorka.”

“Okay, you put me in a tough position right now, Charlie,” Gorka said. “Right out of the gate.”

“I know who it is,” he said. “I know who the (former) President’s chosen, and I’ve been sworn to secrecy. The interesting thing is, it’s an amazing choice. It’s somebody nobody’s talking about.”

“The president, of course, has the prerogative to change his mind,” he continued. “Until I found out, I loved the idea of somebody like Byron Donalds. I think he’d be a rock star. Kari Lake, even Tim Scott.”

“But at the end of the day, and I think you’ll agree with me, Charlie, it doesn’t really matter,” Gorka said. “It’s going to be such a choice, a binary choice between lightness, light, and darkness, between getting back to a secure and prosperous America and the destruction of America under Biden or Newsom or whoever it is.”

“I don’t really think anybody goes into that voting booth thinking, well, I’m going to vote for Biden because of his veep or President Trump because of his veep,” he said. “I do have one, one request, or one thing I would like to see happen. I don’t want the usual vice president. I don’t want somebody who goes to the state funerals the President doesn’t want to go to.”

“I want a real vice president who’s going to have a job like, you know, if it’s be vague, tell the vague to drain the swamp, to dismantle the CIA and the FBI, somebody who can actually get stuff done,” he said of defunding the police. “That’s what I want from the vice president pick.”

“But at the moment, my lips are sealed,” he said before telling Kirk that he would text him later to tell him who it was.

He did admit that “It’s somebody who’s proven himself in Congress,” and in Trump World, that means the opposite of what it does to regular people.

Anyway, take everyone you can to vote in November. They keep reminding us of this in painful ways.

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