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Former President Donald Trump has been busy on his struggling Truth Social platform, desperately unleashing a flurry of videos. He described the New York Post as “radical Left,” or maybe they’ve gone “RINO” because they “went bad on Trump,” and they better start being nice to him, or its business could go under. Calm your yam tits down, Donald.

“Since the New York Post went bad on Trump, and they have gone bad, their numbers have fallen tremendously,” he insisted. “People aren’t buying it. They don’t want to read that.”

“The New York Post has treated me great for almost a lifetime,” Bloaty McBatshit continued. “And now, for whatever reason, and I guess it’s radical left or the RINO stuff, they have gone really bad, and it’s ridiculous.”

“But the numbers are down,” he said. “Their numbers of readers and everything else has gone down tremendously. Great people are tired of hearing fake news.”

“The New York Post used to be so good, but not anymore,” he added. “We have to get it back before it’s too late. “Because frankly, if they don’t change, there will be no more New York Post, and that would be sad.”

Btw, on Truth Social, the Stable Genius wrote, “Since the New York Post went “bad” on TRUMP, there numbers have fallen, tremendously.”

*Their. It’s *their, you vapid twat.

The ‘radical left’ paper today:

I think he meant *tabloid.

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