Russians raise wreckage of landing ship Novocherkassk from seabed in Crimea — photo

Russian invaders are painstakingly salvaging the wreckage of the large landing ship Novocherkassk from the ocean floor, piece by piece, after it was destroyed by Ukrainian forces over a month ago.

Photos from eyewitnesses shared on the Telegram channel Crimean Wind on Feb. 3 depict the operation.

The strike on the Novocherkassk, which was docked in the Feodosia port, occurred on Dec. 26, 2023. The Ukrainian Air Force confirmed the hit, although the specific type of cruise missiles used was not disclosed.

The Russian Defense Ministry also acknowledged the attack on the Novocherkassk. Russian sources claimed that the ship “was damaged” during the repulse of the attack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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Photos from the scene showed that little more than burnt scrap metal remained of the ship.

The Novocherkask is a ship of the Russia Black Sea Fleet, designed for amphibious landings and the transfer of troops and cargo across. It is capable of transporting 480 tons of cargo, including various types of armored vehicles and tanks.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces had previously damaged the Novocherkassk in March 2022, when they destroyed another ship in the port of occupied Berdyansk, the BDK Saratov.

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