Russian Mother Sends Her Youngest Son Off To War For New Roof

If you look closely, you’ll notice that Zhanna Polupanova is wearing a sweatshirt with the English words “Follow Your Dreams.” Apparently, hers includes a new roof for her modest house in the country, which with any luck will be repaired with what the Russians call “coffin money.” Zhanna also rather cold-bloodedly says she does not feel sympathy for her sons going to war in Ukraine as they are meant to serve the Motherland. That’s what they’re for.

Source: Telegram

A mother from the Altai region of the Russian Federation sent her son to the war in Ukraine to fix the roof. The son, of course, was denazified, but the roof of the house was never repaired. Zhanna Polupanova bought an apartment to compensate for the death of her eldest son, but the thought of the thinning roof in the village house did not let her go. Therefore, she decided to send her second and last son to die in “her own” and bring money to the family.

And the video and translation from the Russian Telegram post.

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