Rudy Touts New 'Scientific Evidence' To Prove Election 'Fraud'

Rudy Giuliani claimed on Sunday to have new “scientific evidence” to prove widespread election fraud and that he is innocent after being charged in Georgia.

On his Sunday WABC program, Giuliani responded to a caller who wanted to know how he could prove he was not part of a criminal conspiracy to interfere in Georgia’s presidential election.

“The first thing is, I don’t think I’m giving anything away, I’m just going to tell you my strategy,” Giuliani told the caller. “I’m going to follow Mark Meadows and file as soon as I do the arraignment, I’m going to file a motion for removal to federal court, which I would say almost virtually will be granted.”

The former New York mayor also insisted he was not guilty because he truly believed widespread election fraud could have overturned the election.

And he vowed to present that evidence to prove his innocence.

“Yes, there are things we didn’t present then [in 2020] because over the next couple of years, a lot of people did a lot of work and have been able to produce more witnesses and what I would call scientific evidence that is very persuasive,” he said.

Listen to the clip below from WABC.

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