Rudy Giuliani Tells An Off-The-Wall Sir Story About His Arrest

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani got a taste of what it’s like to be arrested on Thursday just ahead of former President Donald Trump surrendering himself to Fulton County. However, Giuliani was not perp-walked or handcuffed, so he got a break—more breaks than he gave individuals he perp-walked when he was a prosecutor.

“I will say the people, the jail personnel, 100 percent professional,” Giuliani told Charlie Kirk. “I’ve run prisons. I used to run the Federal Bureau of Prisons. And I would say this was, you know, high-quality professional staff, no complaints at all.”

“However, you go actually into the bowels of the prison, at least I did, and I think Mark Meadows and the others did,” he continued. “You go into the prison, you walk through the prison, you walk past some of the prison cells, holding cells, and then you get into the room.”

“And the prisoners are actually in the room in which you are, in which you’re mugged, with the mug shots taken,” he said. “They take a number of them, not just one, in which the fingerprints are taken.”

“It’s all of 20 minutes, so it’s not an extensive period of time,” Giuliani said. “But the point that I’m making is you’re surrounded by prisoners. Now, that can be extremely intimidating.”

In this following sentence, it sounds like he said “applauding.” I’m not sure, but it fits because he’s got quite an ego. But I can promise you that what he said below never happened.

“In my case, they were applauding for me, and I think it was legitimate. I couldn’t tell,” he said. “They were yelling out rather familiar campaign slogans that go back to my campaigns for mayor. So I have to assume, which doesn’t say much for my city, that a lot of them may have been New Yorkers.”

“I mean, I recognize some of the slogans that go back to my campaigns, either for mayor or for other offices or my son’s recent campaign for governor,” he continued. “And they seemed pretty much supportive.”

“Go get them, Rudy,” he said.”We had Let’s Go Brandon being yelled out. It was like a rally.”

“So I’m there. So it took away some of the possible intimidation factor. But it is a very long walk. There are prisoners there,” he added. “I imagine they have to have some other way of doing this for President Trump today. It would be just a travesty if they did that.”

None of that happened. Trump also told a sir story after one of his arrests, claiming that when he was processed, the staff had tears in their eyes. Fucking ridiculous. So, the jail announced that the story was fabricated. I lived in NYC when Rudy was the mayor, and I don’t remember any of his campaign slogans. Not one.

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