Rudy Giuliani May Drag Donald Trump Into His Bankruptcy Case

Donald Trump has made an appearance in another bankruptcy filing, but this one is not his own. He is listed in Rudy Giuliani’s bankruptcy filing for UNPAID LEGAL FEES.

Here is how it unfolded. Guiliani did legal work for Trump, as we know. It appears Trump has not paid him, shocking, I know. After all, Trump is known as an honest man who always pays his bills.

Rudy, after completely ruining his life and reputation for Donald Trump, was ordered to pay $148 million dollars to 2 Georgia workers, Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss. Immediately after that ruling, Rudy filed for bankruptcy. As part of that filing, Rudy has to list out all debts, creditors and people who may owe him money (to offset any debts). In his recent filing he lists Donald Trump as someone who he may have a “possible claim for unpaid legal fees” and the amount is “undetermined.”

Oh, and Rudy states that his monthly net income is just $2,308 and that he has only $351 in his savings account.

In a twist no one could have seen coming, Trump may end up having to pay Rudy, which would in turn mean Trump pays Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss. Talk about a hilarious turn of events!

Twitter had thoughts:

I cannot wait for the bankruptcy court to sue Donald Trump. The hits keep coming!

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