Ron Johnson Still Angry About Being Called A 'Russian Asset'

Senator Ron Johnson once again went after FBI Director Christopher Wray, this time accusing him and his agency of being corrupt by not substantiating the right’s conspiracy theory that there was some nefarious shenanigans being done by the Biden family. However, as RoJo is spewing out these accusations and allegations, he forgot one thing – proof. His evidence was a letter written by equally conspiracy crazed Senator Chuck Grassley.

Now, it’s pretty damn obvious that this is a feeble political ploy to try to discredit Biden before next year’s election. But in the middle of RoJo’s recitation of baseless allegations, he does reveal that he also has a personal motivation behind his attacks:

And by the way, it was that same task force that gave Senator Grassley and I our unsolicited briefing that was later leaked to the media to smear me and impact my 2022 election.

RoJo mewling about the FBI “setting him up” has become almost a running gag with him. It probably didn’t help his fragile psyche when people openly laughed at him when he said that in a public setting.

Remember just this past summer when he was even more direct about how he doesn’t trust the FBI, once again emphasizing that he was admonished by them for being too cozy with Putin.

The really sad part is that RoJo probably never once even considered not behaving like a Russian tool.

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