Ron Johnson Needs To Quit His Job

Senator Ron Johnson (Q – Moscow) was being interviewed by Charlie Kirk when RoJo rolled out a list of complaints he has with the federal government:

KIRK: You’ve been in the Senate now, for what, 13 years. You came in as a businessman. I’m asking you more of this reflective question – Did you ever think 13 years later, you’d be saying that the body count is really high and out government doesn’t care.

ROJO: No, I knew the government was pretty dysfunctional. I came in and we were 14 trillion dollars in debt. Now we’re 33 trillion dollars in debt.. We racked up, in the first 10 months of this fiscal year, a deficit of 1.62 trillion dollars. I’ve been investigating federal agencies. They do not comply with subpoenas. They don’t tell us the truth. I don’t trust anything the federal government and federal agencies tell me anymore. I just don’t. I have no reason to trust them. They run operations against me. They give me secure briefings, then leak those to the media to smear me and impact the Wisconsin ’22 elections. Federal law enforcement has interfered in the 2016, the 2022 and now the 2024 elections. What is there to trust about big government? I have found anything.

I must say, RoJo is absolutely correct. But just not in the way he thinks.

RoJo, who apparently forgot that he is part of the federal government, did his part to run up that deficit by doing things like pushing through the 2017 GOP tax scam, but not until he made damn sure that he and his biggest, wealthiest campaign donors got a big chunk of it.

And speaking of investigations, how many of his colleagues refused to comply with subpoenas from the J6 Committee? By the way, while we’re talking about, at least J6 was a real things, with hours and hours of footage to prove it. Unlike RoJo’s endless investigations into Hillary Clinton or Ivermectin as a cure for COVID. How much money did RoJo waste on those political stunts?

It is also rather ironic that RoJo skipped the 2020 elections, in which he was a mule for the fake electors slates. Maybe he felt that people would miss that glaring omission and reminder that his Fearless Leader has been indicted up the wazoo for his crimes regarding that election?

I will give credit to RoJo for one thing. His utter lack of self-awareness is truly breath-taking. I just want to know who ties his shoelaces for him in the morning.

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