Republicans Really Want A Trump Dynasty With Prince Don Jr

With a serious face, Axios morning email thingie reports that Junior Mints is a king maker in MAGAmerica:

Donald Trump Jr. has become a behind-the-scenes power broker in GOP politics — a guy whose endorsements are coveted as much as anyone except his father’s, Axios’ Sophia Cai reports.

Do they really mean broker when dealer might be more accurate? Do continue:

Don Jr. is like his father in some ways: He enjoys campaigning and trash-talking on social media. And he’s an authentic outdoorsman, making him a favorite on rural radio.

  • “With the exception of his dad, I’m not sure I’ve seen anyone who has a stronger natural connection to our base,” [J.D. Vance] said.

[Snicker] He said connection.

Between the lines: Trump Jr. has developed a multi-platform messaging network to build his brand.

Never say “between the lines” in the same sentence as Junior again. Yer killin’ me!

All kidding aside, there is definitely some sort of “Prince Regent” situation going on, and while the thought of obvious stimulant enthusiast Junior Mints someday leading America is comical, at this point, we have to consider an actual ruling dynasty. Republicans do not want a democracy, after all.

Republished with permission from Mock Paper Scissors.

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