Rep Chip Roy Tears Into That 'Motherf*cker' Matt Gaetz

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) is big mad at Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) amid the infighting over Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s ouster as Speaker. And let’s face it: who doesn’t hate Matt Gaetz? The Florida Republican has the charisma of a frozen Tater Tot. Roy didn’t mention Gaetz’s name, but who else could it be?

“Some of our brothers and sisters, particularly in the, you know, MAGA camp, I think – particularly enjoy the circular firing squad,” Roy told host Steve Deace of The Blaze.

“You wanna come out me and call me a RINO,” the big manly man said. “You can kiss my ass. Look, I’ve spent a lifetime fighting for limited government conservatism. I have laid it all on the line. I have not seen my family for two days in the last 30 days. You go around talking your big game, and you thumping your chest on Twitter? Yeah. Come to my office, come have a debate, mother—–”

He meant motherfucker, but The Blaze is such a wholesome place that they censored the bad word.

And then, he said something about Normandy because why not?

“I’m not gonna go to a nunnery because goddammit, there were people who are buried over in Normandy who deserve us to stand up for what they fought for!” he said. “So that’s what I’m gonna do.”

“And all of you fuckers out there who are out there saying what you’re saying out on social media, you stick it,” he added. “I’m gonna go down to the floor and do my job, and I’m gonna stand up for the people who fought for this country.”

Ok, punkin’.

The House ultimately voted to remove McCarthy as Speaker after meeting the 214-vote threshold in a 216-210 vote.

I’m going to suggest anger management groups for Republicans. I used to facilitate them, but if Roy or Gaetz walked in, I’d throw my arms in the air and quit, and I worked with court-mandated ex-convicts. Murderers, pimps, and whatnot. But they had nothing on today’s House Republicans.

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