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Ranked: The 5 Most Profitable Gigs to Pursue in 2024

Want to make extra money in 2024? It might be time to start your own small business by doing some “side hustle” gigs. Sometimes moonlighting with work-from-home gigs can be the best way to boost your income. You might be surprised at how much money you can make during your nights and weekends — while having fun and learning new skills!

Let’s look at a few of the most profitable gigs that you could use to build a small business in 2024.

1. Independent business consulting or freelance work

If you have knowledge work skills, you could start your own small business as an independent professional “gig worker.” Some independent professional gigs include: software developer, graphic designer, freelance writer, IT consultant, project manager, or business coach.

Freelancers and independent professionals can earn great money. According to the 2023 State of Independence in America Report from MBO Partners, as of 2023, there were 4.6 million American independent workers who were earning $100,000 or more per year.

How much you can earn with this gig: There’s no specific minimum (or maximum) wage for being an independent professional or freelancer. You can make as much money as your skills and your clients allow. But if you consider that the top independent earners make over $100,000 per year, that averages out to a billable hourly rate of $50 to $100 per hour.

2. Professional home organizer

Lots of people have too much stuff and struggle to get rid of it. They need help from a professional home organizer. Do you love to declutter? Can you sit with other people and help them sort through their homes, make decisions, and get clarity on what stuff to keep?

If so, starting a side gig as a professional home organizer could be a great small business idea for you. And it’s a cheap business to start — you don’t have to buy equipment or rent an office. You can start by helping friends declutter their house for free (or for a cheap hourly rate). Share before and after photos on social media (with your client’s permission) to show your decluttering superpowers!

How much you can earn with this gig: According to salary data from Angi, professional home organizers earn $55 to $100 per hour. You might need to charge less if you’re just getting started, depending on where you live.

3. Seasonal yard work and snow removal

Your neighbors might need extra help with leaf-raking, snow removal, and lawn mowing services. If you like to work outdoors, aren’t afraid of cold weather, and have a trustworthy snowblower or other lawn care equipment, you could make good money by helping shovel, rake, and mow.

According to survey data from Bob Vila, the average homeowner pays $30 to $50 for snow removal services. Lawn care might have more year-round opportunities. A survey from Angi found that the average homeowner pays $49 to $205 for lawn mowing service.

How much you can earn with this gig: Let’s assume that the average low-end snow removal or lawn mowing job takes about one hour to complete. That means you could earn $30 to $49 per hour.

4. Work-from-home side hustles

If you want to make extra money while working from home, there are a variety of side gigs that let you work part time or with flexible hours. A recent FlexJobs survey found that nearly 33% of employed professionals have at least one side job or side hustle, and 11% have more than one.

Here are a few of the best-paying side jobs that you could get on FlexJobs (average hourly pay is based on Payscale data and will vary by location):

  • Curriculum writer ($33 per hour)
  • Executive assistant ($29 per hour)
  • Social media manager ($26 per hour)
  • Graphic designer ($24 per hour)
  • Search engine evaluator ($24 per hour)
  • Online English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher ($23 per hour)
  • Health coach ($21 per hour)
  • Medical coder ($20 per hour)

How much you can earn with this gig: The work from home side jobs listed above pay an average of $20 to $33 per hour.

5. Rideshare driving and food delivery

If you own a reliable car and you have good car insurance, getting a side gig as a rideshare driver could be a flexible, easy way to earn extra money. Rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft make it easy to turn your car into a temporary taxi. Food and grocery delivery apps like DoorDash and Instacart let you earn money from a few extra trips to your local restaurants and grocery stores.

How much money you can make with these other gig economy apps depends on local demand where you live. And you’ll have to cover a few expenses, like gas, depreciation on your vehicle, and rideshare car insurance. But these apps can be a flexible way to turn your free time into extra money in your bank account.

How much you can earn with this gig: According to survey data from ZipRecruiter, the average Uber driver earns about $19 per hour. Instacart and other food delivery apps are likely in the same range — data from The Rideshare Guy found that Instacart pays about $15 to $22 per hour. You can make more per hour if you’re highly efficient and earn bigger tips.

Bottom line

Whether you want to drive people to the airport, run errands for a few hours a week, or start a small business, there are lots of opportunities to get profitable gigs in 2024. Turning your free time into extra income can be incredibly empowering, and can improve your personal finances in many ways.

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