President Joe Biden Releases His First $25 Million Ad Blitz

President Biden is preparing to blanket the airwaves with a $25 million television and digital ad campaign in battleground states this month. Via CNN:

The first minute-long ad, titled “Fought Back,” which was first obtained by CNN, has an economic focus, marking the campaign’s latest effort to improve voter perceptions about Biden’s handling of the economy. It also makes explicit reference to Biden’s predecessor, former President Donald Trump, as Democrats attempt to tie GOP candidates at this week’s debate to Trump’s “MAGA agenda.”

“There are some who say America is failing,” a narrator reads as a picture of Trump flashes across the screen. “Not Joe Biden. He believes our best days are ahead because he believes in the American people.”

The ad blitz represents Biden’s latest attempt to convince skeptical Americans that his policies have led to an improving economy, even as 51% of Americans say they think the economy is still in a downturn or getting worse, according to a recent CNN poll.

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