OOPS! Texas GOP Sounds Alarm After Too Many GOP Voters Purged

The Republican Party of Texas suggested election officials may have purged too many of their voters from the voting rolls.

In a message on Super Tuesday, the Texas GOP sounded the alarm about possible problems with voting.

“We have received reports from election judges that some Republican voters in Travis County have not been able to vote,” the post on X said.

“This is due to an update to voter registration rolls that took place between early voting and Election Day. We alerted the Secretary of State’s office, they followed up with the county elections office as did the Travis County Republican Party.”

“If you experience this, you can request and vote by provisional ballot. We at the Republican Party of Texas Headquarters are actively supporting the Travis County Republican Party to resolve any current or further issues.”

Election officials generally purge voter rolls between elections. In 2012, Travis County removed 41,000 voters from the voter rolls.

But reports have claimed that Republicans have been much more active in purging the rolls since the 2020 election.

“Protecting the right to vote is one of the most important things our courts can do,” Georgetown Law Paul Smith wrote. “Even those who rail against ‘judicial activism’ and in favor of democratic decision-making ought to recognize that when the democracy is distorted by the actions of elected officials, only the courts can help. Stopping unnecessary and unjustified voter purges is a prime example.”

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