Oh Great Jim Jordan Is Running For Speaker

Jim Jordan tossing his hat in Qevin McQarthy’s former ring? Is he even qualified?

But wait, if Jim Jordan is running for House Speaker, who will bail out the Biden impeachment fiasco?

Truthout reported just days ago that Jordan was going to replace James Comer on the illegal impeachment inquiry because of Comer’s, ahem, “lack of performance”:

“GOP insiders are mistaken if they think Jordan would excel where Comer has failed,” [Steve] Benen wrote in a recent column. “Let’s not forget that the Ohioan’s conspiratorial ‘weaponization’ committee has held all kinds of strange hearings, none of which has done Republicans any favors.”

Benen noted that conservatives also described those hearings, like Comer’s first impeachment inquiry meeting, as a “dud.” Changing leadership would be “irrelevant,” Benen added, “if there’s no underlying controversy worth examining.”

Recent polls demonstrate that any effort to convince the American public that an impeachment inquiry is justified — whether Republicans stick with Comer or attempt a “reboot” with Jordan — faces an uphill battle, and that prolonging such efforts could hurt the GOP in the long run.

He’s a loser either way.

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