Now everyone can edit their Instagram DMs

We’ve all sent DMs on Instagram that we wish we had phrased differently or that included an awkward typo. Now, Meta has announced Instagram is giving users the ability to edit their direct messages up to 15 minutes after sending them. Prior to this update, the only option to undo the past was to delete the entire message. 

In order to edit a DM on Instagram, simply press and hold the sent message until the dropdown menu appears. Then, select “Edit.” The revised message will display the word “Edited” in the conversation, so if you’re hoping they just hadn’t noticed, you still might be better off deleting the original and resending. 

A screenshot of a user’s chat history on Instagram in which they use the editing function.
Image: Instagram

The editing function arrives on Instagram chats only a few months after Meta rolled it out for Messenger. Although cross-platform messaging between Instagram and Messenger hasn’t been possible since December, the two Meta-owned messaging apps continue to share a number of features. 

Users will also now have the ability to toggle read receipts on or off, pin individual or group chats to the top of their inboxes, and respond with their choice of stickers, GIFs, videos, photos, and voice messages.

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