No Labels? More Like, 'No Candidate'

[Above: Joe Lieberman, 2008, in happier times. — eds.]

Traitor Joe cannot find anyone to play his rat-eff’ing games:

No Labels is still working to find its dream third-party presidential ticket for 2024 — but there’s a hitch: It keeps getting turned down.

Well, maybe if Traitor Joe gets enough states on-board, the wannabe candidates will come out of the woodwork, and… what’s that, you say?

The deep-pocketed centrist group once envisioned a vigorous public competition to join its ticket, which it planned to put on the ballot in all 50 states. Instead, it has been spurned by at least a dozen prominent figures from across the ideological spectrum and secured ballot access in just 17 states so far, despite having said it hoped to be on 27 state ballots by the end of last year.

Well, what about recruiting some name-brand maniac to lead the ticket, some egoist with unbounded delusions of grandeur? Other than Lord Damp Nut, I mean.

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