No Labels Is Indeed Going To Sponsor A Spoiler Candidate

No Labels is going to field a presidential candidate in the November election, even as high-profile contenders for the ticket have decided not to run, two people familiar with the matter said Wednesday. Even Joe Manchin was smart enough to turn them down, saying he wouldn’t do anything that would help elect Trump. Via HuffPost:

After months of leaving open whether the group would offer a ticket, No Labels delegates are expected to vote Friday in favor of launching a presidential campaign for this fall’s election, according to the people familiar with the matter, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the group’s internal deliberations.

No Labels will not name its presidential and vice presidential picks on Friday, when roughly 800 delegates meet virtually in a private meeting. The group is instead expected to debut a formal selection process late next week for potential candidates who would be selected in the coming weeks, the people said.

Democratic President Joe Biden and Republican Donald Trump’s romp on Super Tuesday all but ensured a November rematch of the 2020 election. Polls suggest many Americans don’t have favorable views of Biden or Trump, a dynamic No Labels sees as an opening to offer a bipartisan ticket. But Biden supporters worry No Labels will pull votes away from the president in battleground states and are critical of how the group won’t disclose its donors or much of its decision-making.

This, of course, is the group financially supported by Harlan Crow, Clarence Thomas’s second-best friend. And the principles are former political consultants Mark Penn and his wife, Nancy Jacobson. Penn made a hard right when it became obvious he was no longer welcome in Democratic presidential campaigns. He served as Bill Clinton’s pollster for six years, until the story broke of his sucking a call girl’s toes.

Penn was also one of the funders of The Messenger, the news site that recently crashed and burned.

No Labels is designed to be a spoiler for Biden, no matter what they claim. Make sure you spread the word.

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