Nice Republican Lady Explains Why She Would Never Vote For A Woman

I could list eleventy bazillion reasons why you shouldn’t vote for Nikki Haley, and none of those reasons involve her being a woman. Still, she would be preferable over Donald Trump, especially since he’s made it clear that he wants to be a dictator.

Conservative women are the worst, and to confirm that, a woman Fox & Friends’s Will Cain spoke with in an Allen, Texas diner said that she would never vote for a woman and noted that Nikki Haley is probably menopausal.

And because it’s Fox, Cain approached the woman, saying that Michelle Obama was not running, which the rest of the world already knew.

“Thank God, yes,” the woman said.

Cain then said he wanted a reaction from a woman in the crowd to explain why he approached her.

“I wouldn’t vote for a woman, and especially — Nikki Haley, I’m just going to say this: she’s probably menopausal; we don’t need that.”

Cain laughed and said, “How about we vote for people regardless of their gender.”

Good save, Will Cain. Now, everyone will forget that the nice conservative woman hates women probably as much as her husband does. And we all caught the breaking news that Mrs. Obama is not running. Thank you for that, Will.

And why would she run? Mrs. Obama couldn’t even wear a sleeveless dress without Republicans losing their shit, then they idolized Melania Trump, who did soft-core lesbian porn photos. We’ve never seen Michelle Obama’s hoo-ha and later learned that pussy grabbing and lesbian porn are family values traits for today’s Republican party. I’m sure that’s confusing to Ms. Obama.

At any rate, the nice conservative woman highlights the misogyny in the Trump/Republican Party. Whatever, lady. I just got back from voting for the old guy with a stutter who doesn’t want to be a dictator, thankyouverymuch.

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